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Live Reporting from Seoul, South Korea in K-Beauty Expo 2021 from 7th – 9th October 2021, jointly organized by KOTRA and KINTEX


8th October 2021, 11.00am | [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

The very first concept of live reporting in the exhibition industry from two different parts across the world, brought to you by Beauty Online Trade Show. K-Beauty Expo is an exhibition where beauty begins and cosmetic professionals come together, virtually and physically this time!

More than 160 exhibitors participated in K-Beauty Expo 2021, consisting of categories and product sectors from Cosmetics, Hair, Nail, Aesthetic, Raw Materials, Packaging, Body Care, Inner Beauty Food, Medical Service as well as Fashion.

K-Beauty Expo 2021 segmented each and every category of brands consisting of:

-Clean and beauty segment

-Hair loss segment

-Smart beauty segment

-And tourism (aesthetic and medical tourism) as well

Event held concurrently during the exhibition is:

1. Beauty Trend Talk Talk : More than 30 sessions of talks, forums and dialogue sessions were organized during these 3 days of expo. Take a look at how relaxed these visitors are while attending the Talk Talk session by K-Beauty Expo.

2. Beauty Insight Concert : where beauty industry leaders shares and discuss global and Korean beauty trends. Among the topics discussed was “Understanding trends, what to expect, how to respond to consumer’s needs, which service and products are required during this Pandemic era, and many more”!

Watch the full video of Live Reporting below

Beauty Online Trade Show, Reporting Live At K-Beauty Expo Click To Watch

Korean Exhibitor Interview Session Click To Watch

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