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  • Delish Organics Mulberry leaf

    Delish Organics Mulberry leaf

    Delish Organics is launched in 2019. It’s Japanese brand. Using organic mulberry leave, especially young one, we finalized it. Mulberry leaves contains DNJ. It weaken the works of digestible enzyme for sugar and starch. It means you can prevent to raise up blood sugar level when taking it before meal.

    Exhibitor: Atlas Co., Ltd.
    Brand: Delish Organics
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN

    Quickly absorbing low molecular collagen.
    Boost skin firmness & moisture! Keep hair & nail healthy!

    Brand: COLLAGEN C
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN
  • Placenta Me

    “Naturally, Youthful me with Placenta me”
    Made with natural sheep placenta powder & manuka honey powder, manufactured safely in Japan.
    Keep your skin smooth and clean at any age. Keep your body tireless and disease-free.
    Pursue your better health & beauty with the easiest and simplest way.
    Start today, be younger tomorrow!

    Exhibitor: Univein Co., Ltd
    Brand: Manukatsu Project Japan
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN

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