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  • Cocobaci Cool Mint Oil Pulling Program


    Essential Benefits of Cool Mint Cocobaci


    alleviates respiratory problems
    relieves headaches and pain
    assists with nausea
    helps to reduce fever
    balances stomach and bowel spasms

    digestive aid
    emenagogue (balances menstrual issues)
    restorative and stimulating
    You know that tired, headachy blegh-feeling we all have? This is most likely caused by toxins in the body, creating havoc everywhere it goes via your lymphatic system, entering every cell organ and body system. Toxins alter your natural pH, makes you feel tired and even more prone to illness. Our foods are contaminated with pesticides, we drink a bit too much sometimes, some smoke and eat junk food.. Now, that is quite enough to have a negative effect on your health.

    Cocobaci is in itself, a deep body cleanse, using natural ingredients that benefit the body (and teeth!) in more ways than one.

    To excel in your detoxification, we also recommend drinking plenty of water, eating clean, flossing and doing an exercise you love.

    Brand: Cocobaci by Bellabaci International
    Product Country Origin: South Africa
  • Delish Organics Mulberry leaf

    Delish Organics Mulberry leaf

    Delish Organics is launched in 2019. It’s Japanese brand. Using organic mulberry leave, especially young one, we finalized it. Mulberry leaves contains DNJ. It weaken the works of digestible enzyme for sugar and starch. It means you can prevent to raise up blood sugar level when taking it before meal.

    Exhibitor: Atlas Co., Ltd.
    Brand: Delish Organics
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN
  • Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse

    This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the Immune System, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism, as effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralizing of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.
    Core to gut health is a clean digestive tract for improved absorption and digestion. Core to a healthy skin and beauty is good Gut Health as well as slowing down the ageing process.

    Brand: Imsyser Health
    Product Country Origin: South Africa
  • Imsyser Probiotic

    Imsyser’s’ Fermented Liquid Probiotic contains 12 strains of Nature’s most natural form of Pre- & Pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including Synbiotics to maintain this natural synergy between the living organisms, and Postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes, as mimicked in the gut.
    A daily Probiotic is core to good Gut Health which is core to Immune Health, Skin Health, ageing, Brain Health and every other aspect of overall health for the body to be fully optimized.

    Brand: Imsyser Health
    Product Country Origin: South Africa

    Quickly absorbing low molecular collagen.
    Boost skin firmness & moisture! Keep hair & nail healthy!

    Brand: COLLAGEN C
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN
  • Placenta Me

    “Rooting for my hard-working self, pamper yourself with this supplement”
    Keep your skin smooth and clean at any age. Keep your body tireless. Pursue your “beauty”
    Made with natural products. Consume many nutrition with ease. Safe for your health and body.
    Try “placenta me” now for all the advantages above.

    Exhibitor: Univein Co., Ltd
    Brand: Manukacts Project Japan
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN

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