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  • 5D Smoothe Cat Eye

    BLUESKY 5D Smoothe Cat Eye Gel polish, UV/LED Gel nail


    1. The color is transparent, like the feeling of smoothie; with one-layer has a transparent texture, and two-layer to achieve a solid effect;
    2. Uniform coloring, easy to operate, no need for base color;
    3. The advanced color paste is added with 5D colorful magic magnetic powder, which has strong magnetism and perfect cat-eye effect; 4. Can create a variety of magic cat eye patterns, can also be painted as monochrome, with a transparent texture

    Exhibitor: BLUESKY
    Brand: BLUESKY
    Product Country Origin: CHINA
  • SPA CO2 JELLY MASK PACK including human stem cell and beta glukan


    The Japanese-made carbon dioxide pack “SPA CO2 Jelly” is very popular in Japan.
    The highly viscous gel packs in carbon dioxide, so you can feel the change in your skin even with just one pack! Explains how to use it and its effects on the skin.

    Exhibitor: Atlas Co., Ltd.
    Brand: SPA
    Product Country Origin: JAPAN

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