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  • 7seconds speed white cream

    1.Functional whitening cream
     Instantly brightens your skin tone on application.

    2. Dual-Function (Whitening and anti-winkle) (KFDA)
    This cream is not only wonderful for your face, but also
    for the rest of your body. Apply the cream before applying make-up.  It contains active ingredients Niacin amide
    which are excellent for whitening. In addition, it contains
    the powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient adenosine.

    3. 6-Free
    Our cosmetics are free from talc, paraben, ethanol, pigment, phenoxyethanol, and mineral oils.
    With Snail Secretion Filtrate, grape seed extract, shea butter, and Donkey milk, 7 Seconds Speed White helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier and keeps your skin moist and smooth.

    4. capacity : 100g 

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: SOUTH KOREA
  • Energy galvanic V lifting mask 5ea

    The only patented fabric in Korea has a special effect, maximizing skin beauty with synergy effect with high functional essence. The special weaving Copper Copper fabric (patent application) is a sheet fabric that can flow fine current, and unlike normal mask pack sheets, the bulb lights up. It helps the body flow through the bio-current to make the environment a good place for essence to penetrate the skin, helping with effective beauty care. Also, it is made of microfiber fabric that helps to stick to the skin.
    The patented ingredients of skin whitening composition, whitening, wrinkle improvement, dual functionality, Belgian hot spring water, Hawaiian deep water, French collagen, capertripeptide-1, and idebenone, help skin regeneration. In addition, it is a V-lifting mask pack containing 23 EWG green grade ingredients.

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: SOUTH KOREA
  • Ginseng gold triple energy mask 5ea

    It is a mask pack that contains ginseng extract and red ginseng extract using triple implication sheet.
    Triple Implication Sheet is a sheet that generates viscosity by wetting purified water on the sheet itself because five components (seaweed, hyruronic acid, niacinamide, alantoin, and bean low molecular peptide) are processed in the sheet itself. It’s a natural cellulose sheet with gold coating.
    Five peptide components and a Centella extract, samsi oil, and aloe vera.

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: CHINA
  • Ginseng infusion cream

    Wrinkle Improvement Functional Cosmetics (Food and Drug Administration Certification)

    3 types (Insam Callus pear extract/ Ginseng extract/ red ginseng extract)

    Cream specialized in skin elasticity and skin regeneration with 8 peptides

    Containing carnosin to prevent skin aging

    Tasting Care with Glutachion Components

    Skin elasticity by containing golden silkworm cocoon extract

    Skin soothing effects for sensitive and sensitive skin.

    Composed of EWG green-grade skin hypoallergenic components

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: SOUTH KOREA
  • Micro black feel energy mask 6ea

    It is a dual functional product that improves whitening wrinkles certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, completion of skin hypoallergenic test, detection test of impurities.
    It is a microcurrent mask pack using biocurrent, and carbon sheet, which received the Nobel Prize in physics in 2010, is applied to the mask pack sheet.
    The biocurrent that our bodies have is weakened by aging, resulting in skin aging, trouble, and wrinkles. To secure this, the Micro Blackfill Mask Pack creates an environment in which the active ingredients of the essence can be absorbed into the skin faster and deeper by conducting the whole body of the biocurrent with carbon sheet conductivity.
    This is a microcurrent mask pack that can be easily used without a separate device.
    Glyceres-26, a high-quality moisturizer rather than a regular moisturizer, helps maintain less stickiness and long-term moisturizing.
    It contains the main premium ingredients of Borphyrin (skin wall reinforcement), Capertripeptide-1 (skin calming), Idebenone (wrinkle improvement), Ulleungdo deep water (moisturizing), acetyl hexapeptide-8 (lifting), 6 vitamins, and 7 fermentation complexes. In addition, 23 other active ingredients of EWG green grade effectively absorb and supply to the skin to help develop healthy skin.

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: SOUTH KOREA
  • Rose gold ampoule 24K pure gold

    24K Pure Gold: 99.9%
    5 major peptides, including Copper Tri-Pepetide for maximum skin treatment effect
    Tea tree water: Calms irritated skin
    Anti-wrinkle + whitening: Double effect
    Belgium spring water
    Hawaiian deep sea water: Minerals
    Collagen(Made in France)
    Idebenone : Skin Renovation
    Damask rose water: EWG VERIFIED™ i

    Exhibitor: SKINFACTORY
    Brand: skinfactory
    Product Country Origin: SOUTH KOREA

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