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  • Orchid Massage Essential Oil Roll On Gift Set


    DON DU CIEL is the beauty brand from Taiwan manufacturer Acqua Gems International that producing orchid essential beauty products; also is the main supplier of skin care cosmetic and organic essential oil for salons and SPA in Taiwan. The products are developed from patented biotech in PIC/S GMP lab by using organic materials.

    Brand: Don Du Ciel
    Product Country Origin: TAIWAN
  • Naturerich protection pearl cream /10 g.

    Sunscreen that can protection UVA and UVB with SPF 50 PA+++. it enrich with pearl extract for making brighter naturally and protect dull skin from sunlight.
    Direction : Apply on your face skin for protection sunlight every morning, protection melasma, dark spots and Premature aging.

    Brand: Naturerich
    Product Country Origin: THAILAND
  • Naturerich Tree Tea Oil & Herbal Acne Serum 9g.

    Special facial skin gel for acne problem without alcohol,fragrance, and silicone. It enrich with Vitamin B3,BHA,AHA helping exfoliating effectively, Combination with noni extract is rich in high vitamin for brighter natural. shallot extract rich in sulphur that helps taking care of acne and blemish, it also it have mangosteen extract which help prevent acne and take care acne problem. With Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Gel for restore and enhance moisture,improving the minimizing pores for smoothness and brightening skin.
    Direction: Apply after washing your face, apply on the pimple every day in the morning and evening.

    Brand: Naturerich
    Product Country Origin: THAILAND
  • Naturerich Tumeric Tamarind & Honey Salt Scrub 250 ml.

    This product is body scrub enrich with turmeric, tamarind and honey help to the skin Gentle, Smooth and brighten.
    Directions: Use instead scrub soap or shower cream every day.

    Brand: Naturerich
    Product Country Origin: THAILAND

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