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  • [sy:n]vasol for feminine care


    Vasol Inner Balancing Foaming Wash (150ml) for a fresh, antibacterial and deodorized vagina.

    Vasol Inner Balancing Feminine Wipes (15ea*1box) for a healthy vagina, Great for on-the-go vagina cleansing care.

    Vasol Exfoliating Black Sugar (120g) exfoliates, alleviates “chicken skin” and ingrown hairs.

    Vasol Comforting V mask (3ea*1box) hydrating gel(hydrogel) vaginal mask

    Exhibitor: KBeauty Connect
    Brand: Vasol
    Product Country Origin: KOREA

    KEEP IN TOUCH Icy Jelly Cheek Blusher [BO2. Nude Dezzling]
    KEEP IN TOUCH Icy Jelly Cheek Blusher [BO1. Mauve Aurora]
    KEEP IN TOUCH Ice Jelly Eye Palette
    – Four texture types
    – Warm and Cool tones
    KEEP IN TOUCH Jelly Lip Plumper Tint [PO1~P07]
    – Available seven colors

    Exhibitor: KBeauty Connect
    Brand: KEEP IN TOUCH
    Product Country Origin: KOREA

    Facial cleanser forms bubbles like whipped cream when applied to the skin. The bubbles effectively remove makeup and other impurities leaving the skin looking instantly radiant

    Green – moisturizing and soothing without drying it.
    Red – instantly radiant and helps for skin vitality and nourishing
    Purple – instantly radiant and helps for skin firming and antioxidant.

    Exhibitor: KBeauty Connect
    Brand: WONDER BATH
    Product Country Origin: KOREA


    USEEMI GLUTA PLUS WHITENING BODY SOLUTION (300ml, 10.58oz) for the fair and bright tone of natural skin.
    USEEMI NATURAL HEALING MOISTURIZING MASK (per pack 25g, 0.88oz) for moisturizing and clear the skin and help to relax the skin.
    USEEMI NATURAL HEALING NUTRITION MASK (per pack 25g, 0.88oz) for sensitive skin to be moisture and energized with rich nutrition.
    USEEMI NATURAL HEALING ANTI-WRINKLE MASK (per pack 25g, 0.88oz) for improving skin wrinkles with functional ingredients.
    USEEMI NATURAL HEALING ORIENTAL HERB MASK (per pack 25g, 0.88oz) for dry skin to be balanced for soften and healthiness.

    Exhibitor: KBeauty Connect
    Brand: USEEMI
    Product Country Origin: KOREA

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