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B2B Matching Program - November 2020

Online Korea B2B Matching Meeting with Asia Beauty Coalition buyers

Online Taiwan B2B Matching Meeting with Asia Beauty Coalition buyers

BeautyOnline Sourcing Presentation

BOS-7008 - Scalp Shampoo that uses carbonic acid cleansing power and botanical repair power to lead to healthy scalp and firm and firm hair

BOS-7006 - Japanese Health Supplement using Organic Mulberry Leave

BOS-7005 - Skincare and Cosmetics with the ingredient of organic plants & flowers Taiwan

BOS-7003 - Placenta With Manuka Honey from Univien Co Ltd Japan

BOS-7002 -Organic Essential Oil from Acqua Gems International Co Ltd Taiwan

BOS-7001 - Professional Eyelashes Products from iFune Pretty Co Taiwan

6x China Companies Presenting Quality and Premium Hair Care, Nail, Make Up Tools, Beauty Devices

IM UNNY & RNW Cosmetics and Skincare products from Damiin Korea

Anti-pollution Sun BB Cream from 'One-day's you' Korea

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